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  • Onsite troubleshooting and repairs of personal computers, laptops, printers & more
  • We diagnose computers and remove malware/virus infections and perform AntiVirus & other security software installations
  • Software updates  – Improve your PC’s performance and reliability



  • We specialise in the development and design of websites, product logos, labels, business cards, letterheads, flyers, posters, banners and vehicle branding  to suit your product and brand



Computing is an ever evolving discipline, now more than ever companies across the board are adapting to its ever changing nature. Industry experts believe that this trend will continue to grow and develop even further in the coming few years. Thabang PC Doctor is following this trend to ensure that our customers have the option to follow if required.

Thabang PC Doctor can provide various methods of connectivity solutions, be it local network connectivity via cables or wireless to access the internet or provide access to your head office from your branches.

With our firm knowledge on connectivity we can assist, advice and implement any connection medium that your business may require, even if you just want to work from home.

Home network & office installation (wired or wireless):

  • Internet connectivity (ADSL, 3G, Fibre or Microwave).
  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Wireless Network (WLAN)

   These requirements include:

  • Cloud Based Mail
  • Hosted Applications (Remote Apps)
  • Cloud Storage
  • Domain Hosting

    Connectivity Issues:

  • We also resolve connectivity issues, home networking wireless/wired and system crashes and
  • data recovery
  • Home network & office installation (wired or wireless)


Field Technicians

Organisations that utilize subcontracted field technicians have seen the benefits through higher technician utilization and higher service level agreement compliance. Thabang PC Doctor offers our clients the expertise of an in house technician without the resultant overhead costs. We provide technical resources for the delivery of various ICT projects; including but not limited to:

  • Network wiring and cabling
  • Server configurations
  • WAN / LAN networking
  • Firewall installation and Management
  • Installation of Core Server Services (PF, DHCP, DNS, Quagga, Apache etc)

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